The number of situations which can give rise to an unexpected Emergency are infinite...

In Case of Emergency - ICE App for iOS and Android have been developed by Matrix Mobile Applications, a leading technology company specializing in developing innovative mobile applications.

Paramedics, first responders and hospital staff often look at a patient’s phone for an Emergency application, which can help save lives in many emergency situations.


Supported languages with professional translation included in the App:

中文(繁體)Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語한국어हिन्दीעברית Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Pусский, Suomi, Svenska, عربي

User-friendly and complete with useful features in case of an unexpected emergency:

icon-arrow Custom screen lock – App can be accessed through password protected screen lock. In Case of an Emergency, emergency services & hospital staff will only have access to Emergency App on your mobile

icon-arrow Emergency Services – automatic update for Ambulance, Fire & Police numbers when you travel; automatic update of emergency services numbers for over 200 countries

icon-arrow SOS – send an SOS message to your Emergency Contacts; automatically includes your GPS coordinates

icon-arrow Advanced Silent Mode Never miss important Calls or Messages when your phone is set on Silent. Turn your mobile on Silent when going to sleep, in a meeting or in a theater with the peace of mind that when contacts from a List, Call or SMS (or both), the mobile will ring. Call blocker and SMS blocker. Advanced Silent Mode is available as a feature in Emergency app, or as a separate app on googleplay (link above) - Price only $0.99.

icon-arrow Healthcare Providers – location-based listings for Dentists, Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies (near your location; data from Google Maps/Apple Maps). Call from App directly, view location map, directions and website

icon-arrow Emergency Contacts – add 3 emergency contacts. Paramedics can Call and/or SMS any of your emergency contacts from App

icon-arrow Medical History – vital information for first responders and hospital staff. Stored information includes:

  • Allergies
  • Blood group
  • Diabetic
  • Doctor’s information – call directly from App
  • Medical condition
  • Medical Insurance – call directly from App
  • Medication – list of medicines
  • Vaccines - list of vaccinations and date administered

Emergency App is user friendly and includes all the features required in an unexpected emergency. 


Download Android App from Googleplay, discount price $1.99 (normal price $3.99):

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Download iPhone or iPad App from Apple store, discount price $1.99 (normal price $3.99):


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